Property Preservation, REO & Special Asset Services

Diversified Service Group, Inc. provides Property Preservation, REO and Special Asset Services to many different Clients including banks, investors, realtors, property managers and others.  Our comprehensive services allow for the convenience of dealing with  only one Contractor on any project, regardless of the scope of work or the size of the project.  We work quickly to minimize future losses, and to quickly secure and restore the property so that sales and marketing activities can begin as soon as possible.  We provide nearly any service related to properties requiring Preservation, Real Estate Owned Properties and Special Asset Properties, including but not limited to:

  • Safety/Preservation Inspections
  • Safety/Preservation Repairs
  • Window/Door Board Ups
  • Mechanical Inspections & Repairs - All Types
  • Capping of Exposed Electrical Wires, Open Plumbing Lines, Pipes, Etc.
  • Install Smoke/CO2 Detectors
  • Interior Repairs of Any Kind Needed (Drywall, Trim, Flooring, Windows, Subflooring, Etc.)
  • New Appliance Packages & Installation
  • Lighting, Fixtures, Switch/Outlet Covers
  • Rehabs/Updates
  • White Box Interiors
  • Interior Repaints
  • Flooring Removal/Repair/Replacement (Carpet, Linoleum, Tile, Vinyl, Etc.)
  • Interior Cleanup & Debris Removal/Disposal
  • Exterior Site Cleanup & Repairs
  • Fence/Gate/Deck Repairs
  • Roof Repairs/Replacements
  • Siding/Soffit/Fascia Repairs
  • Winterizations (Winter and Summer)
  • Pool Services (Cleaning, covers, etc.)
  • Contractor Services (Mitigation of Code Violations, Safety Hazards, etc.)
  • Clear Overgrowth, Trim Bushes, Mulch & Other Landscape Tasks
  • All Repairs & Services That Ensure the Safety, Preservation, Marketability & Curb Appeal of All Properties

If you are a special asset manager, foreclosure specialist, property manager and are seeking property preservation or rehabilitation services, you may also visit our Customer & Vendor Portal to request services.  If you are a contractor or other property preservation or rehabilitation provider, you may also visit our Customer & Vendor Portal to sign up to be in our preferred network of subcontractors and service providers.